The biggest enemies of any roof are severe storms and adverse weather conditions. Roofing damage resulting from storms is the most common cause of roof leaks and problems.

Sometimes the damage is expected and can be seen immediately, such as what results from extremely powerful, violent winds or from an unusually large hailstorm. Most of the time, however, the damage not noticeable to the homeowner and it gets progressively much worse as time goes on.

By the time the damage becomes visible, you may not be able to make a valid insurance claim because too much time may have elapsed. If this happens, you may get stuck paying for needed repairs out of your pocket.

Identifying this type of hidden roof damage that occurs over time is Fraser Roofing’s specialty. As southeaster roofing specialists, we can recognize problem areas that may look perfectly normal to you from the ground.

If you’ve had severe storms in your area any time recently that included high winds, hail, or heavy rain, don’t delay. To make sure your roof hasn’t been damaged by a storm, call us right now @ 800-333-0098.


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